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Critics as per the IPL T20 game format

Watching Michael Hussey thrashing bowlers is an eye widening experience. Consistently performing Hussey of Chennai Super Kings is now the highest run scorer of this season’s IPL T20. Recent match between IPL teams Chennai Super Kings(CSK) and Sunrisers Hyderabad(SRH) was again a superlative display of batting from CSK batsmen. After dismissal of Murali Vijay and Sunrisers getting an early breakthrough didn’t seem much helping for the team. In-form Hussey and Suresh Raina paddled the scorecard and kept it accelerated throughout the innings. The 133 run partnership between them helped in building a tough target set for Hyderabad boys. Suresh Raina with an unbeaten 99 run became the show stealer. With these two batsmen showing tremendous fitness and consistent performance the chances of CSK for lifting the trophy for the third time is getting even more real. T20 matches since its origination aladin138 has gained a lot of appreciation as well as criticism. The optimists of cricket game find it hard to decide any player’s ability  in short duration of game Comparing it as a game of “Hit & Go”,Critics as per the IPL T20 game format Articles it doesn’t suffice their needs of a good game. As per facts, it is true also as test of stamina and endurance is actually measured only in long form of cricket games. IPL T20 though being the most talked form of cricket game is still in critics of demarcating the game. Thought to be the best way to take cricket to new horizons T20 format was launched. But, including this format doesn’t mean excluding the 50-50 game format. Rather, it was more of making the game interesting and creating a pool of talents. This format of game has been very helpful in rising of new stars from state-level matches to a much bigger national platform. Selectors are keeping a close view on performances of players and there’s possibility that they can be chosen for the national squad. But, the fact is whether you like it or not the T20 format of game is here to stay for long. Despite of the critics being created, it is providing entertainment at its best. Researches has revealed that fans of cricket has accepted the format and are enthralled by the fast pace of the game. With IPL teams holding names of responsibilities of various states, the competition has gone even more interesting. Supporters are gathering in huge for supporting their team in T20 matches. Not sure, that this craziness will last for longer but for the moment it is the most loved game for cricket fans.